Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Papa ku pulang Dari kota


Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hi.. Hello.. emm... This is ur captain, Shashalia speaking from the cockpit.. haha.. welcome to my blog.. Nak tuleh pe ni eh.. 1st of all nak jugak wish walaupon ni dah nak masuk bulan Februari dah.. Januari dah pon nak abis.. Banyak benda2 yg menarik sepanjang Januari ni.. First thing is, my baby brother dah pon masuk Darjah Satu..!! He's a big boy now! We had our family dinner at Kg Baru's Chop n Steak.. also joining the bunch were, Abg John, Kak Yan, Fiera, and Shahrin.. Kukreqin pon bwk Abg Din along.. Next is, erm.. finally, i've got my licence..!! Yahoo.!! The test was on 21st January. The JPJ was really garang and not friendly at all.. Seriously takut dengan dier.! hehe.. but, i managed to pass the
test! yeaahhaa.

Danish's first day at school..!!

So that's all for now... TTFN..!!